UNIFORM GROUP is a frequency and perception management company.


By interfacing visual and aural vibrations ████████ with pre-existent electronic neural networks,████████████████ both organic and inorganic, Uniform Group is able to ████████  ██████ produce and provide independent, relevant, sincere physical and nonphysical experiential-products that ████████████████████████ improve the connectivity of subject and object as well as the mutual-interrelatedness between ████████  ████████████ individual █████████ social-units and their █████████ shared environments.



Uniform Group was founded in 2017 by Christopher Royal King ████████████ & Jonathan Slade and is based in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX. King ██████████████ and Slade have worked in their own, and shared, capacities to propagate Austin’s DIY experimental music community ███████████████████ while simultaneously ████████████████  being some of its most notable participants, respectively. King’s own Light Lodge Records acted as an initial focal point ██████████ from 2009 to 2011, exposing many ██████ local artists to national and international consciousness.In 2012 Light Lodge ████████████████████████ merged with HOLODECK Records (that Slade ██████ was a co-founder and operator of from 2012-2015) which carried the sonic-torch of giving a unified voice to an essential component of Austin’s ██████ burgeoning independent scene ████████████████ and beyond.



With a shared interest in dystopia, societal decay, and philosophy,██████ █████████████ as well as penchants for ████████████████ unconventional aesthetic structures, both visual and aural,███████████ ████████ King & Slade sought to found Uniform Group ████████████ as a new entity with a more delimited geographical and psychographical focus; a circle whose center ██████████ is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.